Services Offered

Somatic Bodywork
Somatic bodywork is an opportunity to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body, learning what we can about how we live and move towards (or block) freedom in our lives. Session includes dialog, hands-on bodywork (fully clothed), and emotional processing arising from the communication between your body, mind and spirit, and the presence of the practitioner. Somatic bodywork provides an embodied opportunity to walk your purposeful path, to practice deep listening, and to learn to track sensation and emotion along the path to self-awareness.

Individual counseling
Time to focus on what matters to you, the issues you are facing, and ways to bring yourself into alignment and greater awareness.

Couples counseling
Attachment-based couples counseling where each member of the couple can connect with their own needs and challenges in the relationship process. Couples gain insight into their obstacles to intimacy, deepen their communication process, learn to tolerate and embrace difference, and foster honesty and trust.

Small group work with teens and adults
Seasonal, ongoing and one-time workshops and groups. Themes include dealing with anger, depression and grief; women’s leadership; teen empowerment; and our healing connection with the natural world.

Transition Time Coaching
Transition Time Coaching is an intimate, focused relationship that helps clear away personal obstacles, bringing grace and humor to the inevitable changes we all face in our daily lives. Coaching brings pragmatic, solution-focused strategies to the less linear process of psychotherapy, bridging the masculine and feminine in our approach to personal growth.

Vision Walking
Sometimes getting out of our daily routine and into the natural world is the right thing to do. With Vision Walking, we take our contemplative stance right out of the office and into the world. These walks bring us closer to ourselves and our native wisdom.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Resolve conflict through non-violent communication. This process works for couples, groups, and organizations in the process of change. It is not a substitute for legal interventions in such issues as property disputes, but can be extremely effective in resolving ongoing relationship , leadership, and organizational issues.

Please contact me for an initial consultation or for more information at Contact(at), or 415-269-2721.

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