EcoSomatic Action 2014
Classes and Workshops

EcoSomatic Action is an education project with a mission of teaching people how to effectively engage their sensing, feeling and action in the work of culture repair. Integrating practices in expressive arts, somatics, and deep ecology/permaculture, we train ordinary people to break out of their every day lives into the extraordinary opportunity of this time—the creation of regenerative culture. Paving the way towards cultural transition, at home, work and in our communities, we offer intensive trainings, full and half-day workshops, ongoing groups, as well as individualized support to meet your needs.

Sustainability from the Inside Out:

Our culture is undergoing a great transformation, as the patterns of the industrial age are more widely perceived as unsustainable. This means they cannot last. In the face of looming systems failure, climate change(d), and economic collapse, we have the opportunity to be part of the transition to a regenerative culture.

This transformation is not as simple as changing a light bulb, or composting our kitchen scraps. What is needed is a fundamental change in consciousness, from consumer to caretaker. It is the profound work of this time to make this transition in ourselves, and to become leaders in facilitating the transition around us.

This group is an opportunity to understand your own gifts and challenges in transition; learn skills for inner and outer transformation; begin to apply them to your own life and extend this awareness outward towards all the lives you touch. Emotional and spiritual obstacles to change are explored as we develop daily practices for staying on task at this incredibly important time.

Vision Walking

We live and move fast; it’s easy to forget about our bodies. We watch our energy run astray; our emotions go up and down. Tending to our mind and body is important now, more than ever. Vision walking—an opportunity for contemplative walking in a natural setting—is a great antidote to the pressures of daily life. In a beautiful, spacious natural setting, we will use contemplative movement meditations to revisit our innate connection with nature. We will explore our current commitments, and develop our inner compass to stay balanced, available and flexible for our work in the world. The skills you will learn in this walking practice, which can often include time for writing and other movement meditations, will help you meet the challenges of daily life with a deeper connection to your inner calling.

Rachel Kaplan is the prime mover of EcoSomatic Action. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, long-time group facilitator, and author of Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living (with K. Ruby Blume). She works in the lineages of the Halprin Life/Art Process, generative somatics, Authentic Movement, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Strozzi Somatics, Deborah Hay, Contraband, The Living Theatre, contact improv, permaculture, and mindfulness meditation. She has spent the last twenty-five years working with individuals and groups of people evolving strategies for personal and cultural regeneration.

Please contact me at contact(at)RachelKaplanMFT(dot)net for more information about these classes and workshops.

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