Personal Ecology

Personal Ecology is a series of practices that help us align our inner values with our outer actions. This helps us live the ideal of “walking our talk.”

My calling is to help people more deeply connect to their lived experiences within the context of our changing world. How can we rise to our highest light during this profound moment of global challenge and change? How can we clear away our obstacles to be of service in our lives, and the lives of other beings around us?

It is my sense that healing the personal body and healing the earth body is the same work, the micro and macro level of the same thing.  When we change ourselves, we change the world. Conversely, when we change the world, we change ourselves.

Sometimes an awareness of our ecological and social crises brings feelings of despair, grief, or paralyzing anxiety and depression. Sometimes we become driven to create change and shoulder too much of the burden of this time. Working through the body creates resilient practices that keep us moving in the direction of our hopes and dreams, rather than being captivated by our fears. Tending to our feelings within a supportive relationship can help accelerate our ability to step up to the many challenges that face us.

When I work as a psychotherapist, I help people understand what is happening in their whole being–their mind, their body, their spirits–and collaborate with them to realize their own personal renewal. When I work with the principles of deep ecology, I learn what is happening in an entire ecological system, and work to create alignments within this system with the value of renewing the earth.

Working through the body is an excellent way to resolve traumatic events from the past, just as working in a regenerative way with the earth is an excellent way to resolve traumatic ecological events from the past. Working in a way that honors both the wisdom of the body and the intelligence of nature gives us tools for responding consciously to the changes happening around us.

As a trained permaculture designer, I work with people to apply the principles of this artful redesign science to their lives–exploring how values of listening and observing, valuing the edges and the marginal, recycling and storing energy, or creatively responding to change, matter to people’s individual life designs.

Personal Ecology helps us assess our current circumstances and help us move to the next level of  awareness and activation. If you are feeling called to redesign your life to meet your hope for a renewed world, please contact me at Contact(at) for more information.

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