For over 30 years, I have been helping humans work towards creative & dynamic personal & social change. I have worked with diverse groups of people at home and around the world, offering strategies for self-awareness, systemic change, aesthetic social action, and whole person integration.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with an expertise in trauma recovery. I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, as well as a Masters in Interdisciplinary Art. My early studies include dance, women’s studies, religion, and mythology. I am a permaculture designer, a deep ecologist with a primary commitment to a regenerative future. Through my own life experiences, I have learned and taught much about depression, anxiety, grief, and the possibility of transformation through daily practice.

My advanced trainings are in Hakomi Body-Centered psychotherapy, the Halprin Life/Art Process, Authentic Movement, Strozzi Bodywork, generative somatics and relational EMDR. I am a Master Reiki practitioner in the Usue lineage. I bring my decades-long practices in yoga, mindfulness, performance art, and conscious movement to the counseling process as well. I am the author of numerous books and articles about somatics, dance, and permaculture, including Making Dances that Matter (with Anna Halprin, 2018); Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living (with K. Ruby Blume, 2009,, Diaspora: Stories from the Cities (1998), and The Probable Site of the Garden of Eden (1992).

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