Regenerate (v). Renew, revitalize, revive.

Welcome to my private practice in regenerative counseling. I am here to support you in this time of collective crisis and opportunity. The pace is quickening as we witness the unraveling of empire. As we feel the effects of this escalation in our bodies, hearts and minds, we often need support to create change from within.

I have expertise in the resolution of shock and chronic trauma, and can teach you how to re-regulate your nervous system, learn strategies for maintaining healthy equilibrium, and organize your life energy towards your purpose and goals.

I work with adults, adolescents and elders, offering

• Practices for Staying Centered in a Time of Chaos
• Cutting-Edge Interventions for Trauma Resolution
• Body-Based Nervous System Support
• Inner and Outer System Re-Design Based in Ecological Principles

I am here to help you change what has been become stuck or conditioned through the hardship, trauma or losses of your life. Whether you come with anxiety in your mind, a broken heart, a passion to change your life, or an unasked-for transition, I welcome the opportunity to co-create an environment with you that infuses your quest with curiosity and clarity.

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