Regenerate (v). Renew, revitalize, revive.

Welcome to my private practice in regenerative counseling.  I am happy to offer effective, compassionate and holistic services to individuals, couples, families and organizations. I’m here to help you realize your own personal goals.

I am here to support a return to your inner wisdom as the true guide to answering the challenging and profound questions of your life. I bring deep listening, humor and an open heart to the ongoing process of transformation, and work from the understanding that each of us is a unique, powerful being seeking wholeness. I have seen that the wisdom you seek lives within you. I offer

• Counseling for adults, adolescents and elders
• Couples and family counseling
• Women and Teen Groups
• Transition Time Coaching
• Vision Walking
• Conflict Resolution and Mediation
• Organizational Redesign

You can expect

• Compassionate, knowledgeable support when you need it.

• Years of experience with effective and transformational interventions from a broad range of therapeutic styles.

• An integrative perspective, with an openness to a wide variety of lifestyle choices and issues.

• An alternative approach that integrates body and earth-centered wisdom into the counseling process.

I am inspired to help you change what has been become stuck or conditioned through the hardship, trauma or losses of your life. These limitations can become a beacon lighting the way towards your truest nature. Whether you come with anxiety in your mind, a broken heart, a passion to change your life, or an unasked-for transition, I welcome the opportunity to co-create an environment with you that infuses your quest with curiosity and clarity. Together we can work to create a greater sense of possibility than you may have imagined. While we may seek to understand your limiting beliefs, the deeper journey takes us toward the part of you that is naturally free, resourceful and resilient.

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